Blue Cheese Tomato Broccoli Croissants

To be completely honest, to me enjoying food means not only tasting delicious textures and experiencing well-know and new flavor combinations but also feeling visually gratified from what I see in front of me.

The visual part of preparing and eating food has been a great deal to me since I can remember. Not always so consciously there but definitely affecting my perceptions of how life should be. And how it should be according to my humble self? Well, beautiful. Beautiful in all aspects I could influence and depend directly on me. My food is one.

Now, I know that I need to eat in order to survive, clear as day, but why not make that experience a tit bit more… gorgeous?! Here comes my simple elegant proposition for light snack, maybe to have with your guests, served on a similar wooden board or maybe to enjoy in the company of your loved-one, as I did.



These blue cheese and broccoli croissants are extremely delicious and very easy to prepare. Of course, that is only the case when you don’t make the croissants yourself. I bought a variety of plain French croissants and some whole-wheat ones at my local bakery.


I had prepped the broccoli steaming them with a tiny amount of Himalayan pink salt, and cutting them in slices or as close to a slice as I can get. I added in some tomatoes for a bit of moisture. I used no spices as the taste of the blue cheese is quite strong already but you can, if you like so, add a spice or two of your choice. Cut the croissants in halves and place the tomatoes, blue cheese and broccoli between them.


Voila! The snack is ready in no time :)

Enjoy and let me know what your easy snack ideas are!

P.S. This post turned out to be quite similar visually to my Sweet or Salty Colorful Toasts one so if you’ve enjoyed these photos here you can hop over to see what I created with some toasts few weeks back.





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