Good Box May/Май 2016

A whole month has gone without me blogging and I kind of need to say – I’ve missed it! I’ve lacked the inspiration and inner drive to write about things I enjoy, perhaps there haven’t been many to share anyway during these last weeks. The main reason has been some personal negative experience and emotions I was going through. However, one thing time does best to your soul is healing. Bad things pass and gloomy emotions fade away. Cheers to brighter days and to a new blog post! :)

So here I am excited to share with you yet another Good Box! The May edition of Good Box has been my favorite so far, I honestly love all products selected for this past month’s box of goodness. Choosing the best ones is an impossible task to complete. I will confess, though, I have been longing to try some avocado oil as part of my night-time routine and I’m quite happy to have a decent bottle of one in my possession thanks to Good Box.


Without further ado, here’s what the lovely team of Good Box has surprised us with this month!




Avocado oil from A for Avocado

The avocado oil is one of the natural oils that can penetrate best through the human epidermis. Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, it actively nourishes the skin leaving it protected from the free radicals that diminish elasticity and distort its healthy look. This magical oil also helps pretty well in lessening the visibility of wrinkles and prevents the appearance of new ones. It has a natural SPF 15 as the monounsaturated fats it contains form a thin protective layer on the skin not allowing the sun to damage the our precious cells. You can find this one at – 30 ml for 6.40 euros/12.50 leva.


Arminabio Bio Mint Water

This water is suitable for any skin type and has so many benefits that it is hard to list all of them – the most import thing to know about it is that it tightens, revives, cleanse and soothes the skin. It smells like a freshly picked mint and could be also used as a room freshener! I have tried other products from Arminabio and I am sure I will like this one, too. 100 ml is 5 euros/7.96 leva and could be found here


Sunny Soap from Home Workshop

Gentle natural handmade soap with calendula, lemongrass, turmeric, almond and shea butter. It nourishes and hydrates the skin while cleansing it thoroughly. Thanks tio the turmeric it has valuable antiseptic properties and is effective for varios skin conditions such as acne or allergies. This one is 2 euros/4 leva for a piece. To find more about it or other lovely soaps you can visit


Argan & Macadamia Night Cream Sample from Natural Cosmetic

This a regenerating and nourishing face cream rich in precious 100% bio argan and macadamia oils. It helps rejuvenate skin’s appearance by strengthening the lipid barrier and recovering elasticity. It also protects skin from premature aging. Certainly sounds intriguing, I’d love to try it. 50 ml is 8.60 euro/16.79 leva. More about Natural Cosmetic you find at


VIP Slim Tea

This tea is blend of 16 herbs and fruits 100% naturally grown in Bulgaria. It stimulates the fast exemption of toxins, helps with strengthening metabolism, reinforces the immune system. It contains rest harrow, elder, hibiscus, mursala tea, hawthorn fruit, linden blossom, melissa, strawberry and blackberry leaves, nettle leaves and root, wild apple, rosehip fruit, aronia fruit, mint. Hot or cold I think this a good product to include in your diet at the beginning of summer. 150 gr is 8.70 euro/16.99 leva. More about it at


Organic Wholegrain Rye Stick from Natur BG

They say the contain vitamins and minerals! I could add that they are extremely delicious and this is not my first pack. 1 pack is 0.50 euros/0.95 leva. More about the products of Natur Bg you can find ate


Aloe Vera King from OKF

The world’s best sold aloe vera drink, it contains natural ingredients and 30% organic aloe vera. No artificial colourings, preservatives, fats or GMO. Great! You can visit www. to find more about the other flavors they carry. 1 can is 0.65 euro/1.25 leva

Bio Energy Balls Guarana from Balev Bio

I am a true fan of enrgy balls/bites and these definitely sound interesting. Guarana is a natural source of energy with a powerful stimulating properties – it diminishes physical and mental tiredness, amplifies the physical endurance and streghtens concentration and memry. They contain no refined sugar or artificial flavorings – a perfect pick-me-up treat! You can find them on where 1 box (60 gr) is 2 euros/3.99 leva


The last thing in the box is a really special one. A spoon of a 100% natural honey from the social Samaritans association and what is special about it is that 50% of the profit generated by each spoon of honey sold go to support children and families at risk. I would wholeheartedly support such a cause so I am pleased the Samaritans take a part in Good Box. I encourage you to leanrn more about what they do and stand for at


Thank you Good Box! I am alreadey excited for the next one! :)




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